The Mid-Colonial District (aka District 2) was initially chartered by the Institute of Transportation Engineers on January 1, 1973. The area designated for this District encompasses the states of Delaware, Maryland, the portion of the State of New Jersey south of the northern borders of Burlington and Ocean Counties, Pennsylvania, the Virginia counties of Fairfax and Arlington and towns contained within the confines of those counties, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Two Sections have been chartered by the District: the Mid-Atlantic Section (MASITE) and the Washington DC Area Section (WDCSITE).

The District is chartered to receive, administer and expend funds for charitable and educational purposes. The purpose of the District is to improve the administration of the Institute affairs, provide member representation on the International Board of Direction, conduct an annual meeting for the interchange of technical and professional information, and provide an opportunity for membership participation in Institute affairs.

Institute members of any grade who reside within the area designated for the District are members of the District. The District members are entitled to all privileges of the District except that Student members and Institute affiliate members may not vote or hold elective office in the District. The District is governed by a seven-member Board, which is comprised of President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, Past President, MASITE Representative, WDCSITE Representative, and International Director. All positions are one-year terms, except the International Director is a three-year term. The Board appoints a District Administrator to provide continuity to the Board over a period of years.

The main activity of the District is theĀ Annual Conference, generally held in April. The location of the conference rotates between the two sections.