Leadership ITE is an intiative by the Institute of Transportation Engineers to identify, develop, and engage leaders to ensure that ITE and its members are positioned to participate and shape the future of transportation.

Below are members from the Mid-Colonial District who have been selected for this Institute-wide initiative.

The 2019 representative for the Mid-Colonial District is Elisa Mitchell! Elisa also currently serves as the Baltimore Area Director for WDCSITE. Congratulations Elisa!

2019Elisa MitchellWDCSITE
2018Sujith RachaWDCSITE
2017Aaron ZimmermanWDCSITE
2017Steven LavrenzWDCSITE
2017Sara PattersonMASITE
2017Nicole Kline-ElsierMASITE
2017Jeff KupkoMASITE
2016Michelle BirdsallWDCSITE
2015None selectedN/A
2014Katherine KortumWDCSITE